January 2019

Do eyelash primers work?

Eyelash primers are they a stand alone or must have product for lovely thick long lashes?

 always thought that this was another gimmicky product, that we didn?t need. I?m a big fan of not overloading my kit with products that can be achieved with what I already have ? no matter how tempted am I with pretty packaging and Instagram pressure!

 On that note products that have multi-use, which is why I love cream formulas. Anyway I?ll save those musings for another blog subject.

When I was in Boots picking up my favourite mascara Loreal Paradise for both my personal and kit use, its seriously loaded and gives lashes a beautiful full effect. Delighted to see a 3 for 2 deal I picked up the primer to give this a whirl. From Left to right L?Oreal Paradise Extatic, Primer Paradise Extatic, waterpfoof Paradise Extatic.

L’Or?al promise that their primer will not only make your lashes look ‘even longer and fuller’ when applied under your regular mascara, but it will also help keep your lashes conditioned with its jojoba oil formula. Lets see the results

 curling is ESSENTIAL!! I love Kevin Aucoin eyelash curlers from Space NK

Everyone has that strange applying mascara lip face! Applying the primer here just like your regular mascara making sure every lash is coated white.

The results are in?

Left side with primer, right side lashes without.

Verdict ? Its does work it coats the lashes with a thick glup of white creating thicker individual lashes, however if you have sparse / thin lashes like mine, I found yes it created super long lashes but so clumpy and spidery I spent a while combing them through. Its not a look I love. I prefer my lashes without the primer.

Though perhaps for a night out, a special effort with a few individuals I would use the primer. A re-purchase for my kit ? no. Overall a good product stands by what it states but you need a fuller lashes to appreciate the primers wonder on your lashes.

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